Monday, February 12, 2018

Look At Me Now!

One of the most exciting things to do at the House of Hope is to look at before and after photos of the kids who come in so very sick.  There are always some dramatic changes and we often don't realize it because it happens so slowly and we see them every day.  This week we did a few comparisons of some of the kids you've prayed for and supported over this past year.  The changes are incredible and we wanted to share them with you.

The first of these is Dorothy.  I know I haven't written about her for a while, but she is doing really well physically.  She still has a tough time mentally, but has such a bubbling joy pouring out of her for the simple everyday things of life -- like food!  Here she is...
Another one who really struck us this week was Moise.  You'll remember he came to us as an newborn baby back in late October.  He was tiny, malnourished and extremely fragile...
He started to do really well.  Growing.  Healthy.  Then in January he got sick and we really thought were were going to lose him...
Thankfully, he pulled through.  We were so grateful for all of your prayers for his precious life.  When we looked at his picture taken this last week, we were all taken aback.  Moise is doing incredibly well...
It's always amazing for us to see the difference some time in the House of Hope can make in the lives of the kids who come to us.  We recognize that all of this is possible because of the incredible team we have standing with us in this special work.  And most of all recognize that we are very blessed by God to be able to be part of His work at the HOH.

Thank you so much for your part in supporting us, standing with us and helping us out in the many ways that you do.  Please continue to pray for Jamesley.  A doctor from our partnering hospital is traveling in the US and has the special Factor for Jamesley, he will take it back to Haiti this weekend.   Hopefully, by this time next week we will have his bleeding under control.  In the meantime, pray for wisdom for the doctors this week and for patience and comfort for Jamesley as he has some tough days ahead of him yet.

This week is a week of holiday in Haiti, so that means the House of Hope is a busy beehive of activity.  You might want to keep Linda and her sanity in your prayers as well!  We appreciate you all and hope you have a great week as well.

Wednesday, February 07, 2018

An Update

We are so thankful for your prayers over this past week, and want to update you a bit on what's been going on at the HOH.  

Linda had a successful trip to Port-Au-Prince and the eye doctor.  The doctor was able to give her some medicine that has already started to clear up her problem.  The trip down and back was quite stressful as they had multiple break downs on the vehicle both going down and coming back.  It is becoming very evident that we need to start looking at getting a better vehicle for situations such as there. That's certainly something to pray about!

Now, on to Jamesley.  He had to go back into the Operating Room once again this past week.  We were not able to find the exact blood product that we needed to help him be able clot better, but we were able to get him some that we hoped would help.  Unfortunately, he is still bleeding, so it didn't work out so well.  That's the bad news.... now for the good!

The LA Kelley Communications Foundation has gotten us clotting factor for Jamesley in the past through their Project SHARE.  Thankfully, they have agreed to send us some more for him.  A doctor from our hospital is in the US and will receive the factor to take back to Haiti in a week or so.  Hopefully, this factor will give Jamesley what he needs to stop bleeding and heal.  They have also put us in a waiting list to get more of this extremely expensive treatment in the future.  They have been such a blessing to us -- there is no way we could pay for this treatment on our own.  It has improved Jamesley's quality of life so much over these past 2 years, and we are thankful that we will be able to receive it again.  Please keep him in your prayers...

We are so grateful for all the many partners we have that make bringing hope to our kids possible.  That includes you and the part you play as well!  Thank you!

Monday, January 29, 2018

A New Week

Good Morning.  Thank you all so much for praying for the team at the HOH last week.  It took them a little bit to get Jamesley in for his surgery, but when they did everything went well.  He was doing much better and seemed to have stopped bleeding.  I waited a bit to write an update to make sure of what was going on with him, but just this morning he started to bleed again.  So, we are waiting for the doctor to come by and see what is up.  At least they were able to find blood for him last week, so we have that if it's needed.  We are so grateful for each one of you who prayed for us and send notes of encouragement.  Everyone appreciated it and we'd appreciate your continued prayers for Jamesley's health.

In spite of continued rainy and wet weather, the week seems to have started as a pretty typical week and the kids are off to school.  We do have a two other prayer requests to pass on:
  • Today a young lady from France is to arrive at the HOH.  She will be spending some time here helping Linda out in whatever way she can.  Pray for  good transition into life at the HOH for her.  Pray for her to be a help and a blessing, especially with some of our kids who need a bit of extra care.  
  • Linda is having some trouble with one of her eyes this past week.  The doctors have suggested she go see an eye doctor in Port-au-Prince, so she will be heading off there this weekend.  It is not easy for her to travel around Haiti, so pray for good travel, and for a solution to her eye issues.
Thank you so much for partnering with us in this special ministry. 

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

a little turn...

If you have a chance today, we'd appreciate prayer for Jamesley.  He was doing so good yesterday, but for those of you who maybe don't know, he is a hemophiliac and his status seems to change fairly quickly. 

This morning the doctors feel the need to go back into the surgery with him.  He has a pretty significant infection and started to bleed again in the night.  Please pray for wisdom for the doctors (Dr. Mozart particularly).  Pray that we are able to find blood for him at the Red Cross blood bank.  Pray for mental strength for Linda and the other staff and kids.  Pray for peace and comfort for Jamesley as these moments can be very scary for him. 

Thank you for standing with us!

Monday, January 22, 2018

So much better!

Greetings to you all!  We hope that you all had a very nice weekend.  We wanted to give you a small update today to let you know how things are going.

We appreciate your prayers very much for our sick ones these past few weeks. 

Moise is so much better -- look at his smile...
 Jamesley had his surgery and is doing much better as well...

We are so grateful for your words of encouragement, your prayers and support that enable us care for these precious lives.  Have a great week!

Monday, January 15, 2018

Thank you!

We appreciate your prayers for us so much.  Little Moise is doing better.  He came back to the House of Hope from the hospital, but is still in need of constant nursing care.  He is still having some trouble breathing, but overall is doing better and has not had seizures again.  
He slept most of the night...
School finally started today and life seems to be getting back to normal.  We appreciate your holding us up in prayer over this past tough week.   We wish you all joy and peace in the week ahead.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Prayer needed for Moise

Good Morning.  We are asking you to please pray for out little baby Moise.  (If you read a few posts back you'll find out how he came to be with us).  He has been sick all week and has now been admitted to our partner hospital.  He's having trouble breathing and they have put him on oxygen, but this morning he has started to have seizures.  Unfortunately, we are unable to locate the medicine needed to stop the seizures and we have sent our boys off to the next town over to try and find it there. 
He has been with us just a few months, but is a beloved member of our large family.  As you can imagine it is difficult for everyone to see him like this.  Please pray for wisdom for the doctors to know how to help him.  Pray that we can find the medicines and supplies needed to help him.  Pray for Linda and all the others giving him care.  It's complicated having him down at the hospital and not in our home as people have to go down to be with him 24/7.  

At the same time, we are very thankful that we have a hospital and doctors so close by who are able to help us with our medical needs.  We are thankful that Handy the other baby not doing well is doing much better.  We are thankful for God's provisions that allow us to care for this precious life.  And we are thankful for you all who support us in so many ways -- especially right now with your prayers at this difficult time.